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Teacher's Checklist for Student Success

These are the traits or similarities I’ve noticed in the teachers students like the most as well as the teachers who positively impact students the most. Oftentimes, our favorite teachers have had the best impact on us and our lives.


Print this out & make it your goal to check off every one of these!

  • I don’t just teach to the end-of-course test

  • I try my utmost to promote meaningful, intellectual conversations between peers in the classroom twice a month

  • I prioritize slowing down and ensuring students understand content instead of rushing through and getting through more content in class

  • I give students less than 1.5 hours of homework a day for my class

  • I tell my students I care about their wellbeing & their future at least twice a month

  • I don’t judge students based on what I see in the classroom

  • I don’t show blatant favoritism in class for certain students who may share similar extracurricular interests with me or have stellar grades

  • I tell my students to talk to me if there’s anything they want to discuss about their life

  • I actively empathize with students who share their concerns with me rather than simply share my point of view

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