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Parent’s Checklist for Student Success

Print this out & make it your goal to check off every one of these!

  • I not only allow, but also encourage my child to pursue their passions & interests in high school classes & extracurriculars

  • I have enrolled my child in summer camps to help them explore their interests outside of school if needed

  • I have had a discussion with my child about where they want to go to college or if an alternative route would best suite their career plan

  • I have created a general 4-year-plan with my child, with tentative dates including potential SAT/ACT testing dates, a standardized test preparations schedule, and tentative schedules for coursework for all grades

  • I don’t just check on my child’s grades; I try to make sure my student is engaged in their classes and attempt to motivate them to work hard in class if needed

  • I pop in my child’s room to see if they have their camera off while on Zoom in class & have them turn their camera on if not

  • I tell my child how much I care about them every week & that everything I do is to help them in the future

  • I have done college admissions research with my child and am actively working with them to figure out what the next steps are for them in high school

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