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Nonprofit Branch


Athena's nonprofit branch is entirely separate from our for-profit startup.


To advocate for the use of accessible AI in K-12 classrooms, and educate educators on the use of these technologies.

We have 3 primary strategies to achieve our vision:

1. Advocacy & Campaigns

Conduct nationwide campaigns to advocate for the adoption of safe AI in the classroom. Technology is a tool. We believe bans on all AI technology such as ChatGPT hinders opportunities for learning.

2. Educational Partnerships

Partnerships with K-12 schools to inform educators on uses of AI in the classroom.

3. Workshops & Presentations

Workshops and presentations on the use of AI tools in K-12 classrooms.

Founding Story

While working on developing Athena, our team realized the clear gap between teacher knowledge of free AI tools that could be used to enhance the classroom experience, and the penchant for schools to immediately ban the use of AI tools. Athena is committed to closing teachers' and schools' knowledge gaps on the use of AI and new technologies in the classroom - for completely free.

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Now Hiring Student Ambassadors

Learn more about the student ambassador role here. Ambassadors' hours worked will count towards volunteer hours.

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