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We make learning fun.

Our AI tutors are on 24/7 & personalize learning for your kids' unique learning style.

Apply now, or miss the Fall 2023 rollout.

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Master Any Concept, Your Way

We're not an ordinary AI tutor. We're built for learners of all types, making sure we're meeting every student's unique learning needs.

We accommodate 3 out of 4 learning styles:

  • Visual Learners

  • Auditory Learners

  • Reading/Writing Learners

And we're currently working on adding lessons for Kinesthetic (Tactile) Learners.

Engaged Students for Life

We incorporate students' favorite characters and hobbies in word problems, engaging students in the learning.

Our Philosophy

Professor Feynman, Nobel-prizewinning theoretical physicist, says:

• Being wrong is not a bad thing.

• Understanding is more important than memorization.

• Making mistakes is okay. Learn from your mistakes.

At Athena, it's our mission to make learning fun and engaging - so every child can unlock their full potential.

24/7 Support

Our AI tutors are always here to help!

Anytime. Anywhere. Your child will always be supported.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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Unlock your child's full potential with personalized 24/7 AI tutoring from Athena EdTech!

Do you want to provide your kid with a 24/7 tutor to match their unique learning style?


Look no further.  We’re revolutionizing the way that kids learn and personalizing learning to suit your student’s unique learning style.

What subject tutor would your student most benefit from?


If you can think it, we can build it.


Secure your child's spot with a personalized AI tutor below!

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